Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Free Ledger Paper, Post Card and more!

I've had this ledger paper on my computer for awhile and completely forgot about it. A lot of my background stamps don't work as well now that I am not usually making standard size cards. I work with a LOT of digi images so I've just been making the card size to fit the size I want the digi. 
Here's the ledger paper:

 I was going to upload this ledger paper last night and wanted to give credit to the person I downloaded it from. I never found this actual ledger paper but I did find lots more at these two sites INCLUDING postcards, full pages of script (some french), antique frames that are gorgeous in beautiful colors and so much more. You will be hooked!  Look at these!!

See what I mean??  All their stuff is copyright free so hallelujah for the 20's!! And it's not all vintage.. look at this one!
Well, it's vintage, but you know what I mean.. lol! So grab these freebies and then head over to 
The Vintage Moth and
Antique Images


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