Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Art Journal - Heart and Mind

This is my second post today so I hope you will check out my card for icopic also.
I've added Art Journaling to my growing list of addictions. I used to paint a lot with acrylics when the kids were small. Birdhouses, hat boxes, home decor stuff.. all back in the day when one stroke painting was all the rage. Is it still? I may just be out of touch. But needless to say, I have a LOT of Acrylic paints, brushes and mediums and it's been so much fun to drag all those back and out.
Remember that book I talked about last week of my grandpa's that I stamped my Tilda on? Well, I decided to use that for my Art Journal, or I should say one of them because I've also made a copic one I will share sometime soon.
Well, I didn't take a pic of front of the book before I started altering it, but get ready... here's a bunch of the inside!
Because the pages are so old and thin I've glued several together (I think it was 3) before adding gesso.  Look at this front flap.. I just can't cover up my grandpa's handwriting so I've decided I am going to add as many of my families signatures as I can find! 
Here's the front after I started to alter it. I haven't done anything much with it yet, I can't decide what I want to do.
You wouldn't believe how many projects I've almost added that frame to in the past. I am so glad I hung onto it!  I also added some lace over the binding. I forgot how much fun Mod Podge is but I have heard for the inside pages it's best to use Golden brand gel medium because Mod Podge has a tendency to stick together.
Now, I've warned you that I really can't draw, but what I mess up with sketching I can fix with painting and pencils.. lol! 
I love how the "Chapter 1" is right above her head so I tried to leave it peaking through with my subsequent layers. Next I colored her with prismas and then some acrylic paints. I think I did that backwards, but you know what.. this is the whole point of my journal, to just play with all of these wonderful mediums!
The whole background is acrylic paints. Next all that was left is to just pull out some stamps and some Staz On and go hog wild! 
Wow!! What a bunch of stuff!! But it was fun to just stamp and doodle! Some of the stamps I painted some acrylic paint onto with a brush.
 I did learn one thing... I need some more of these Faber Castell Pitt pens!!
Look at that deal!! But my Michael's only had them in this set of 4 colors which is Black, gray, sepia and brown. They're india ink and they color on top of anything!!  (Oh, how I wish my copics could!!) 
Thanks for looking!



Anonymous said...

Dana that is just breath taking your drawing is so stunning, she's just so life like, I wish I had this talent but as time passes I pick up a little here and there from all of you which is helping me.

One of these days I'm going to do an art journal, started one then trashed it just wasn't my thing at the time I guess.

Thank you for sharing, you rock!

Hugs, Lori m

Brenda said...

AMAZING!!!! I just love how it all works together. Love that you left your grandfathers writing in tact!!
You are so talented!! Love, love to see what else you do in your journal~

Sherry Kushibab said...

Oh Dana, just are so talented with so many mediums! Can't believe you could find time to shop in between all this creative work, but I sure am impressed that you got a deal with your purchase!!!

Roxann said...

Dana, this is so cool! I love it! I have great admiration for all that you do and keep up with, you talented girlie, you!

Stacey G.- 2 Craf-t-4u said...

This is such a great idea Dana! You really are talented! You can draw, I however cannot! It is bad when children don't even know what I am drawing!

Crystal said...

Holy Moly girl this is AWESOME!!!!!! So clever and creative and your coloring is GORGEOUS!! What a great idea WOW WOW WOW!!!

Naomi said...

Dana, this is FANTASTIC! Looks like so much fun and you are one talented gal! You're actually pretty good at drawing, too...don't underestimate yourself! :P