Sunday, November 4, 2012

Grunge Flowers Video

Howdy all! I hope everyone has had a great weekend! I spent this morning making some grunge flowers using my friend Di's tie dyed baby wipes technique. Here's some pics:

I didn't take any other pics of the process but I did film it. Here's the video:

I can't wait to dye some more baby wipes so I can make more!! Such an easy flower making process and I adore the way they turned out. Of course the next step will be to make some itty bitty ones =0)



buy flowers online said...

Really amazing..I mean this is called perfection..Thank you for each and everything.

Marianne said...

Hi Dana

I'm new to The Outlawz and trying to learn all kinds of new stuff! I am your latest follower. Thanks for the video on the grunge tye died flowers. You really explained it well and I'm going to have to give it a try. I also love the top of your blog...the corrugated cardboard looks so cool!


Judy said...

Wow..these look great! I love learning new things.


Mona Eidhammer said...

Wow! Dana, these looks amazing. So nice of you to share. Hugs...Mona

Carla said...

These are fabulous! I can't wait to try some myself!