Thursday, August 8, 2013

Singing Bird

Hi all! Well, I've been back in my art room and have had some time to just play! What fun!! As usual, I didn't have a plan when I sat down to start painting. After getting the background done I wanted to do a cute whimsy girl from my imagination.
I love birds!! It was after I created the page that I started on a hunt for a quote. I found this one by Christina Rosetti and thought it fit just perfect!
Thanks so much for looking =0)



Patti J said...

This fabulous masterpiece was actually created withOUT a plan? You are amazing, Dana! This is so awesome! I'd love to come up and craft with you sometime, and learn this technique! Let me know if you ever teach a class! Hugs...

sweetpea1030 said...

Hey, Dana
Today has been a particularly hard day for me, both physically and mentally taxing. When I read the sentiment on your post, it brought tears to my eyes because all that I did today was an expression of my love for another. I'm sure I'll think of you when the birds start chirping in the morning. Thanks for sharing this post. We throw it out there and have no idea where it's going to land, but isn't it nice to know your words really did touch a real live breathing person. (((HUGS)))

ScrappyCamperSisters said...

Dana this is so sweet! Love it!

Tracy said...

Wowza girl! Her face is amazing, well ALL of her is amazing but I'm so drawn to those blue eyes. Love it! Hugs!