Sunday, September 1, 2013

Soul Food Payment Plans

Hey guys!! I've been having quite the time this summer with some health issues. Nothing serious, just ongoing management of my diabetes but it has seriously taken most of the fun out of my summer so far. (Thank God for sketching!!!)  I just wanted to pop in to let you know that there is now a payment plan available for the Soul Food workshops. You can read all about it here
And just so you aren't left with any art at all, here's a canvas I finished earlier this summer:
Not too happy with her face but I really had a ball with that background and her necklaces! 

psssst - Keep an eye peeled for a chance to win a place in Soul Food to coincide with my interview later this month =0)



Sheri said...

Love it! miss ya Dana!

Diane Ridpath said...

I love this Dana!--all of it...I love her face too. What's not to be happy with? :) It a great piece. You should be proud of yourself. I hope your health issues improve and you get your happy back. hugs --Diane (QPP)

Ms. Linda said...

Love this pic...Shows who is in charge of he moment.

Von said...

I can commiserate on the diabetes management challenge. (((hugs))) Hope you get it settled and feel better soon, Dana! LOVE your canvas!! SO bold and beautiful !!

Ann said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Love this artwork ~ beautiful colors!

Sandy123 said...

Dana: I will just say that this is at the top of my mixed media list of all time favourite pieces EVER. I simply love it to pieces. Seriously.
Sandy (Chick)