Friday, October 4, 2013

Reclaimed Box for Art

Not sure what to call these pieces... upcycled, reused, recycled boxes?

I really enjoy making these little pieces. This began life as a Crystal Life water crystals box. It's only 4.5"x 2.75". 
Here's a close up of the face:
I love when the backgrounds peek through! 
Here is a list of the products used:
Bahama Blue (go ahead and get an 8 oz. bottle.. lol) 
Dioxazine Purple
Electric Pink
Cashmiere Beige
Shading Flesh
HiLite Flesh
Burnt Sienna
Black Plum
Deep Burgundy and
Titanium White
A graphite pencil
An angle, liner and flat brush
Micro beads

Don't forget about Soul Food! If you haven't signed up yet you can find out about payment plans and more at that link. If you have already signed up then you know that some of the teachers are starting to offer up some juicy morsels to get your juices flowing and your tummy rumbling for more!
Hope to see you there xx



Harriet Hensley said...

beautiful creation ......

Rachel said...

Stunning Dana, I really love this piece.

MaxineD said...

What a beautiful and whimsical piece - love it Dana.

Von said...

Her face is absolutely beautiful. I agree - the background coming through makes her feel almost ethereal ... certainly magical! <3 it!