Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Review

I received a set of the new DecoArt Media PROFESSIONAL Quality Fluid Acrylic paints to review. Check out my video here:
Because the colors didn't show up as beautiful in the video as they are in real life I took a few stills but even they don't show how gorgeous these paints are!

But in all honesty the most accurate shot of what these paints are like is my palette! They are rich, luscious, fluid, transparent and intense. I can't wait to play with these more so look for more projects using them. (I am currently in filming mode for my Soul Food class so everything else has taken a back seat.)
Keep an eye out on DecoArt's site for more info on this amazing line as it is made available.



Maxine D said...

Love these colours Dana, and the fact that they show as being translucent on the patterned paper is a fabulous 'plus' in my book.

Margik said...

Fabulous colours! Thanks for sharing.