Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Downsizing my Watercolor Palette

I have been shopping for a professional quality travel palette for awhile now. I found a few brands I really like but just couldn't fathom it since I already have a humongous palette filled with Winsor & Newton professional watercolors. I adore the paints but am not crazy about the size of the palette. So I finally decided I was going to just buy an empty travel palette and fill it with my paints. These are tubes paints that have been filled into the wells and left to dry. 
I added a little bit of Gum Arabic in the bottom of the wells on the new palette and gave it a spritz of water, then mixed well. I am hoping that will act as a sort of glue for the new paints until they have a chance to "freshen" up and adhere on their own. The new palette is airtight and waterproof. The lid has a clear plastic liner that lifts out for double the mixing space. 
So I won't say the next part was exactly easy. Had all of my paints been fresh so I could just scoop them out with my knife it would've been a breeze. But it's been a long time since I've used this palette (I know, it's a shame!!!) some of the paints were hard, brittle and hard as rocks! Was it worth the effort to save myself $200? You betcha'!!! 
So here's what it looks like now filled with the colors of my choosing and I am thrilled!! 
I had more colors than wells so I just put all of my browns in the four corners of one of the mixing wells. I think it will work just fine =0)



Maxine D said...

What a great idea - and well done on saving $$

Jamie Lynn said...

well done! I'm sure it will work just fine.