Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pretty in Turquoise

This started out with a really funky mixed media background (sorry, no pics) but I just wasn't feeling it with this little girl. So...... yep..... turquoise to the rescue!  I really need to expand my colors but it's my happy color for the time being, so I make no apologies =0)
I think I was inspired by all the little girls in their Easter dresses. Both her shirt and her skirt were collaged with design papers but her shirt ended up getting covered up with paint. 
Here's a close up of her face:
I'd forgotten how much I love to do black hair. It used to be one of my fav color combos to do with copics. It was just as much fun with acrylics and prismacolor pencils!  
This was done entirely with DecoArt Americana Paints and some detail work with Prismacolor Premiere colored pencils. 
Thanks so much for looking and I hope you've been having a fantastic week =0)
Happy ARTing!



Jamie Lynn said...

she is adorbs - no stinking adorbs !!!


SeekingforArt said...

Very beautiful Dana!

Annette McCarty said...

It matters not where I see her, I still love her AND you.

Maxine D said...

She is beautiful Dana - love your obsession with turquoise :-)

CanadianRobin said...

Loving the black and turquoise together.

Becky said...

wow Dana, this is just awesome. Gorgeous colors and coloring.