Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Food Class Airs Today

Today is the airing of my Soul Food Class and while it's too late for you to join this time (only a few more weeks to go before it's over) a little birdie told me
that Soul Food will be coming back. So stay tuned to Mystele or Community Thrive for more info about that. Community Thrive is an amazing group of artists that are so supportive. There is more there than just Soul Food there including Mysteles Gut Art and some freebies so please, check it out! And if you join look me up and send me a friend request so we can hook up there there too =0)
So in other news....
I haven't been doing excessive amounts of art lately. We have had beautiful weather so yard work and afternoon visits to parks and rivers have taken front seat. 
If you remember seeing my negative planets video you'll know I love negative painting! It is so relaxing for me. This is a recent one I did in watercolors:

 I sketched out the initial leaves with my new Stabilo .88 Fineliners. I love them! Yes, I could do the same thing with inktense or a variety of other media but I love the super fine line these gave me. Here's my swatches of them in my sketchbook:

Look at those gorgeous blues to turquoises!! Be still my heart! They are activated by water.
This is the set I purchased but as always I purchase a few single pens to try before splurging on a whole set. If interested I suggest you do the same. Too often I've jumped on the bandwagon of what everyone else is raving about only to find it didn't really gel with me or how I like to work. 
As always, big squishy hugs for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend!!



Annette McCarty said...

I love to see your art, read your words and hear you speak. You are so blessed and you are a bllessing to me.

Angela Hoynes said...

I love your faces. I am struggling a little with mine, need more practise!

ScrappyCamperSisters said...

So gorgeous Dana!

Maxine D said...

Love the leaves Dana - they are gorgeous.

Tanya McAlexander said...

I have been wanting to learn negative painting and seeing your leaves makes me want to learn it even more. Love your work as always