Thursday, June 5, 2014

Loose Journal Cover

If you've seen some of my recent paintings then you'll know that I've been painting on 12x12 collaged scrapbook paper. I really love the substrate and it holds up well to all the textures, water, paints and mediums I throw at it (HUGE PLUS!!!)
So of course, next on the agenda is how to store them. (I had collaged a bunch of them at a time earlier this year). I decided to used some chipboard to create a folder type binder. Here's some pics:

And here's the products I used: 
Chevon Roller - I can no longer find this one online anywhere!
Daley Rowney Gesso - Sold at many big box stores like Walmart, Michaels, etc
Daler Rowney FW Acrylic Inks (mixed with water in a spray bottle).
Alpha Stencil
Mini Splats Stencil by Crafters Workshop

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Jamie Lynn said...

love it & now to the video!!1

Jamie Lynn said...
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Timemimi 當代迷你倉 said...


Carla Mazzone said...

Hi Dana, So glad I found you! I loved the video on creating this folder. Your girls are beautiful! It has been so much fun watching/meeting you, Dede, Barb, et al. Brightens my day! Thanks for the video!