Tuesday, September 16, 2014


This really didn't start as having a bubble theme. It was more of a play with abstraction and glazing with watercolors. Some of those bubbles have layers and layers of different hues and it was amazing to watch how they changed and evolved. 
 A few of those bubbles have DecoArt Media Line Fluid Acrylics in Interfence Magenta and Violet over the layers of watercolors and copics. They are much more transparent than what they appear here. And YES!! You read that correctly, copics!! I haven't used them much at all in the past few years and it was so fun to see how wonderfully they worked on this hot pressed watercolor paper and a basecoat of watercolors. I noticed some of my nibs became tinted by some of the darker blues and purples but I scribbled off any excess pigments before putting them away and they seemed to have survived just fine. BUT as always, when I try something like this I know I am taking a risk of ruining a nib or two. 
For now, she's done but I have a feeling I'll be doing some ink work in her hair ;)
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Kelly R said...

This is fantastic! Love the bubbles and the face is so pretty.

Jamie Lynn said...

I love her and you would think that by now I would say something a bit different . . . I mean how many of your faces can I love. . . YES ALL OF 'EM


ps I have been doing some bubble'age type stuff with some of my faces Co-rink ah dink'age LOL

more xo's

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Maxine D said...

All I can say is that this is breath taking. Love it Dana. I am in awe of your work.

denthe said...

Beautiful .... I so love the colours, and the expression on her face.