Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Creating the Signatures

I've gotten a few emails about how I created the signatures for my last post of my chunky journal. 
 Here's a few shots of what I started with:
 I went through and tore out every other page.  I then folded each page in half like shown below to create the signatures:
Can you see why I hesitated to share these pics?? ROFL!! But this is me, warts, messy work space and all ;P
 I love the deckled edges from tearing out of the book. I alternated the deckled edges both up and down to give it a nice uniform (ish) deckled edge look to the journal. I used five pages for each signature, which is just a bundle of pages together. 
I created the cover from medium weight chipboard and duct tape. The covers were painted with DecoArt American Paints and collaged with scrapbooking papers, some of the old text pages and printed tissue papers:
This is a different cover than the one I painted with a face. I then created a little template so I knew where to punch my holes in the binding with an awl.  
Then I used the same template on each signature ( again, just a bundle of 5 pages folded together) to punch three holes in the center. 
 Putting the bundles in the center of a notebook, phonebook, or something thick helps hold the signatures in place while you are punching them. I also clip the signatures together and keep them clipped until they are sewn in. 
 I use wax linen to stitch the signatures in. There's a shot of the brand I purchased on ebay. I've tried lots of others but I find the ones I can get in my local stores are too thick. You could also use plain old embroidery floss but the wax thread works wonders for tying a knot and keeping it tight. 
Here's a shot from the top showing how they look all stitched in. The sewing of the signatures in is quite easy but unfortunately I don't have any process shots of that part!! Here is a great tutorial with a slightly different style of journal but great visuals on how to do the stitching.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I HOPE this is informative and not too confusing! Bookbinding is definitely like riding a bike for me. Slightly difficult when you start but once you got it, you GOT it =0)