Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Feeling Nostalgic

Painting this one really had me feeling nostalgic!! I am owing it to the fact that both my brother and I are expecting new grandbabies. Talking to my DIL about all of the planning she is doing to get ready for their (our) new bundle, whom I'm already calling "nugget",  has probably helped spur that nostalgic feeling =0)

I used the DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics which are a dream to paint with! They are so fluid and transparent. If you've never used fluid acrylics before just remember a little dab will do ya' =0)
 I also used DecoArt Americana's as well as my trusty Prismacolor pencils for details. 
I'm not sure I'm loving all of that baby's breath in her hair but I think I was channeling my inner 80's bride.. lol! 
Can you see all the text showing through in her face? And I hadn't planned this next part but love the unexpected surprise of having two different styles of French writing show through on her chest (or heart). 
My grandfather was the youngest in his family and the only boy. I have fond memories of sitting listening to him and all of his sisters speak together in french. It was so beautiful and try as I could, none of it "stuck". I wish I had been a little older and exposed to them more <3 
Like I said, feeling all sorts of nostalgia with this one!!
Thanks for taking a swing by =0)



Glenda Hoagland said...

Excellent Post Dana, not only is the painting beautiful, but the memories are precious. My grandson loves French and wants to be a French teacher.

Thanks so much for sharing

Kelly R said...

She is just beautiful!!! I love her expression, the book text and the fabulous flowers. Awesome job!

Marie's Craft Spot said...

Dana, Congrats on your Grandbaby. So happy for you and your family. This painting is beautiful. You are so amazing girl.

ScrappyCamperSisters said...

Dana, congratulations on the new Nugget! I love the detail you put into this woman, and I giggled about the 80's baby breath comment hehe

Becky said...

wow, this is gorgeous. Congratulations.. :)