Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Come Join the Fun!!!

Hey guys!! I can't wait to tell you about all the new arty endeavors being offered over at Community Thrive!!!

I get asked all the time how I draw my girls, or hear comments, I wish I could draw like you. My Soul Food 2014 class Make A Joyful Noise is being offered in UThrive as an elective.

 In it I show how anyone who can draw a  simple rectangle can with practice, draw whimsical faces just like me. Registration begins June 1st for a mere $35. You will have full access for three months. It includes all original materials and videos are downloadable. But the face is just a portion of what you will learn. You will also see how I create my backgrounds as well as how to age a piece to make it look vintage.

Thrive is broken down into semesters so make sure to check out the other offers as well as the opportunity to be mentored! 



Ann said...

Sounds good Dana ~ if you can, I'd love to get a reminder on the registration date or shortly before.

CanadianRobin said...

I am sure this would be an amazing class. You are such a good teacher and talented artist.