Friday, February 18, 2011

Flower Making Tutorials

I know by now you must all think I am crazed with the videos lately. I was caught up with all (or most I should say) of my DT projects since we had no idea how long we would be staying in TX for Josh's surgery. That's given me some much needed "play" time since we've come home.  
Flower making is something I LOVE to do!! There's three videos ( I know, right?!!) so you might want to just go to my YouTube channel and subscribe so you can watch them at your leisure or they are also posted on my Tutorials page. There are so many great flower makers out there and so many fantastic tut's.  You should check out this vid by my friend Tracy  and subscribe to her channel... you will not be disappointed!!  Also Tammy has a great tut you can see at The Outlawz



Brenda said...

Dana, I can't wait to watch these, but I am going to have to wait for a little more time than I have in the morning!! I know they will be fabulous!!!

Dorcas said...

Hi Dana! I just watched the first video through and its awesome! I have to try these! Ive got a crimper and one or two flower punches so I can't wait. Ive done the "scrunch flowers" before (you know the type?) but haven't been impressed. These look so elegant!

Brenda said...

Dana, I finally found time today to watch these videos. They are great and when I get some time to make flowers I will watch them again!! Really, it is fun to listen and watch, you make me laugh sometimes when you laugh. I couldn't even hear the dogs. Seriously these are awesome and some day I will make some of my own!!

Donna Heber said...


Thank you for the awesome videos!