Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prisma Color Chart Excercise

Morning everyone and Happy Sunday!! It's been soooo long since I've posted an actual post (not a prescheduled one!!) so it's nice to be able to chat in the "now". So just a few updates... yesterday I took my Copic Certification!! It was so much fun and I met so many great ladies! I even got to meet one of my cyber friends, Sherry, IRL! How cool is that and neither of us even knew we were both attending or that we lived so close! Sadly she will be moving soon but we will always have cyberspace!! Our class was taught by the amazing Lori Craig and she was wonderful!!! Class was fun, well organzied and most of all, informative!!! I had no idea we would get so many supplies and brochures!  I met a lot of new friends, colored and learned. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?
My second reason for this post is this Prisma Color Chart from Paula Tracy. You can find it in her Tutorial Section uncolored. 
Edit 8/25/2012
It seems Paula no longer has her chart available and I do not have a blank copy. I was able to find another version and you can view that here.
You can use this chart:
1) to Color in the colors you have so you can see what colors you need to complete your set
2) For accurate color swatches for matching to projects, papers, etc. Printed versions will always be inaccurate.
3) If you want to stretch yourself I used mine as a coloring exercise to have totally saturated color on the right side of the box and colored lighter and lighter as I got to the left for a graduated blend. I really did notice a huge improvement in my ability to do this by the time I got to the last tray of colors. Vary where you hold your pencil. If you hold it way at the end away from the coloring point you are naturally not able to place as much pressure and you can achieve that light touch. 
Well, that's all.. just wanted to share. Now off for Family Fun Day!! Woo Hoo!! 



DG said...

Congrats on the class! Where abouts did you take it? I know you are some what close to me. I would love to do this as well.

Sherry Kushibab said...

Thanks for posting the color chart. It was awesome meeting you yesterday, still laughing at how when you said your blog name I shouted "I know you!" Hopefully my move won't take place for many months and as you say we have cyberspace to share ... It was a good class yesterday, learned a lot!!!

Donna Heber said...

Awesome chart Dana. Thank you for the info. and thanks to Paula Tracy too!

Penni said...

Thanks for this link Dana - I'm sure I'll find this Prisma Colour Chart very useful.


Brenda said...

So glad you enjoyed the class yesterday!! Can't imagine that your coloring can get any better!! and thanks for the link to the coloring chart. On my way there now!!

Sara I. said...

Hi Dana!!!
So happy that you had an awesome time at your class and that you were able to meet one of your friend IRL - how much fun! Thank you for the amazing comment on my blog and I'm a new follower!!!

Anonymous said...

Dana, thank you for visiting my blog today and for the warm welcome to Squigglefly! It made me smile!

To answer the question in your profile: yes! There are still openings for Domestic Goddess! We can all apply and get the job! ;-)

I hope to see you again.

Happy Scrapping!

Anonymous said...

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