Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Help from Blogland Urgently needed

This is a very distressing post and for that I apologize.  Every once in awhile you hear about a situation that requires action. We all know what a loving, tight knit community the card/scrapmaking world is. One of our own, Cindy and Kevin Echtinaw, owners of , lost their 27 yr. old daughter over the weekend. You can find more info including information on how you can make donations to help the family with all of the expenses HERE. And we can all pray. That is free AND powerful. 



Unknown said...

I'm so sorry! Prayer's Going Up!

Nancy said...

Thank you for passing this along Dana! I will be praying for the family!...Nancy

Brenda said...

So very sad Dana. Sending up my prayers.
Hon, your link isn't working for me. Hugs~Bren

Beverly said...

I cannot begin to imagine the heartache. Lifting them up in my prayers.

THERESA said...

So sorry to hear that, just so sad!! Will keep them in my prayers!
Heading over now.
lotsa luv

Becky said...

How heart breaking. I will be praying for them.