Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mixed Media Painting on Recycled Box

Hi guys!! As you might have noticed I am doing more and more mixed media pieces.  I created a couple of "canvas" paintings using recycled boxes.

  These were both done on recycled boxes. The little one is a generic brand of Crystal Light and the larger one is on the cracker box.
The blue tape is masking tape to hold down the flaps and I added a few pieces to the sides for some added stability. Then I covered the entire box with text pages. I used Matte Medium but you could also use gel medium or Mod Podge. 
Next I covered them with text pages:

Then I put a layer of gesso. You could skip that step and head straight for acrylics. 

I've been sketching a lot and sort of like this little girl that keeps ending up in my sketchbook. Because it takes me so long and I erase so much rather than sketching right on the box I traced the image on tracing paper with a black sharpie.
I tore around the image and glued the tracing paper down to the box.

Then the fun part,  decorate with layers of paints using acrylics and Ranger Distress Inks. The circles were added using bubble wrap and the tube from a roll of paper towels. 
And now for close ups of both of the finished paintings.

I love all of those textures!! And here's the smaller one:
Now I am off to see what other boxes I can raid ; )


My name is Cindy said...

Oh wow how clever to use recycled boxes!! I particularly like the girl's expression on the smaller one - so cute!!

Zulma said...

Beautiful and pretty girls Dana! you make different tecniques, recycle, mix media and drawing, good combination, LOL! Beautiful colors and details. TFS, hugs, Zulma

Dorcas said...

Awesome projects Dana! I love how you showed us in steps what you did. Mixed media is a bit of a mystery for most of us. :)

Jacqy said...

Oh, Dana, all I can is wow!!! Love your work. I also loved the poem on the right side of your blog. That's beautiful..

Thanks for visiting my blog. Always love visitors. I'm sure we'll meet up again as Outlawz hehehe!

Carla S. said...

These are just amazing, Dana! Gorgeous, gorgeous artwork!

Kim Kelley said...

OMG these are beautiful! Wonderful project! HUGS

Harriet H said...

Beautiful creations.... love it all, the colors, the textures, the girls.

Thanks for the inspiration !!

Tracy said...

These are so much fun! I just love their sweet little faces. I have some tech questions but I'll wait and put them in the email I owe you. :-) These are just fabulous GF! Hugs!

faithnme said...

Dana you have NOT lost your touch.. This is just so cute.. I love that you used "recycled" box.. I which I could even doodle a little your images.

Antoinette/Cultivate Life in Joy said...

I love your mixed media projects, recyling box projects and your drawings...lovely inspire me to take my creativity to another level. I've been saving my cereal boxes know i could do something with them just hadn't taken the next step/thought yet..thank you for sharing.