Wednesday, June 19, 2013


 I sketch....a LOT, but I don't often share those here. I thought I would share some of these raw works every so often. Here's one in charcoal:
This one was done from my imagination. The next one was done in graphite.
This one was using a photo "reference". She is not identical to the photo but it helps me tremendously in the curves of her neck, slightly titled head, even the line of her jaw and of course, the shading. She's not so  "raw" as the first one but I was with a family member in the hospital when doing this and had a lot of free time while they recuperated. 
Thanks for dropping by =0)


Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I have turned into one lazy blogger! I am constantly sketching and painting but I rarely take the time anymore to photograph, edit, etc.  so I can post. I created this little guy recently in my homemade journal which is partly sketch paper and partly watercolor paper. 
He was painted with watercolors and then I added some ink details. I used my rapidograph sketch pen filled with sepia acrylic ink. Lot's of fun but still needs a lot of work on the background.