Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mixed Media Fall Leaves Painting

Finally finished my Fall Leaves painting I started last week. It went through so many stages. I would like to try another one in just watercolors and see how that turns out. It was really hard to get a good photo. The light was reflecting off of the varnish, even though it is a matte finish. 
But here's a few close up:

What to start next? Isn't that always the question? 
Thanks for stopping by =0)


Harriet H said...

Breath taking, gorgious

Rachel said...

Just beautiful Dana!

Bridget said...

wow so great they look like they are coming off the page.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Love the depth of the colors and layers.

Von said...

This is just flat out deliciously gorgeous, Dana! Those colours just grab the eye and then warm the heart. Love it!!

kiwimeskreations said...

Ohh this is gorgeous - love all the wee details in the 'close up'.

Kathleen L said...

This is an absolute visual feast. I love the color palette. Autumn leaves are a favorite of mine. I'm glad you were able to share the WIP and the finished version. Thank you.