Thursday, January 23, 2014

Documented Life Project Week 1

 After completing my new journal (thanks to Grace Howes lesson for Soul Food!!) it was time to start filling it up. So even though I got a late start, I am going to play along with the Documented Life Project
Week 1 prompt was to add a door.  OOhh Doors!!! I love them, as well as windows and frames. One of my other loves is antique hardware so I decided instead of drawing a door, just making the whole page a door and adding a keyhole. First thing was to find an image of an antique key hole and trace it onto tracing paper. I found mine in one of my Dover Publications  books.
Then I inscribed it onto metal foil with an empty ball point pen (or stylus). 
I taped the edges just to be safe and worked on top of a mouse pad. Working from the back with different sized stylus' I started raising the areas that will "poof" out on the front. Then I would turn it over and using a paper stump smooth the areas surrounding those poofed out parts back down. (sorry, no pics of that part). 
I used to really be into jewelry making and silversmithing so I really enjoyed the actual process. It took quite a few passes from back to front to get it to the dimensions I was happy with. Then I antiqued it with black acrylic paint wiped back with a baby wipe.  
I filled the back side in with Golden Heavy Gel medium and attached it to the page. 
Some acrylic paints, tissue paper, stencils, washi tape, paint splatters...  what fun! The final touch was to add a few pieces of those gelli prints on clear packing tape and voil√°
I still have some space at the top to add some words or more collaging/art but still letting that brew for a bit. 
Thanks so much for stopping by =0)


kiwimeskreations said...

Oh what fun - the result is stunning Dana.

Becky said...

What a fabulous creation Dana. Love the design.

froebelsternchen said...

simply AMAZING Dana! This is W*O*W!

Grace said...

This is fantastic Dana! So loving this embossed metal idea. The juices are flowing now.