Friday, February 7, 2014

A Few More Details

I posted this painting  last month with the title "Finished or Not".  I knew she wasn't complete but was at a loss for how to complete her (it). 
I've been hugely into digital art and graphics for years. At one point (maybe 15 years ago?)  I had a website with my girlfriend called Two Moms Graphics. Same as I always do, just for fun and for free but we had a blast creating Outlook Stationary (remember when you could make your emails all pretty and stuff? lol) and web page backgrounds/graphics. Then of course the "free" web hosting sites back then started charging money and we were after all, literally "two moms". But my love for graphics and digital art has never waned. I try very hard to find my way around Photoshop but way "back in the day" Paint Shop Pro was the elite program. That along with Microsoft Publish It were my playgrounds. Sadly both are gone. Publish It can't even be installed on a Windows 7 computer (my girlfriend who I had the website with won't upgrade to 7 for that very  All that to say, I am no stranger to graphics. I've just never merged my traditionally created art (physical paper, brush and paints) with digital art... until now!

I tend not to put words on my art unless I'm doing it for a particular challenge like the NaNoJouMo hosted by Dawn DeVries Sokol every November. She may end up with more "stuff" but for today I'm calling her done.
Thanks for coming by and if you read all of this you deserve a prize or at least a {{{hug}}} !



kiwimeskreations said...

Looking beautiful!

Becky said...

wow. She looks awesome.