Thursday, July 10, 2014

Back to the Drawing Board

My painting yesterday didn't turn out near what I had envisioned so before I have to say goodbye to my supplies for a few weeks (vacay... yay!!) I HAD to give it another go. 
So let me start with the finished piece and then I'll backtrack with a few process shots:
Have you heard me say before how much I LOVE backgrounds?? 
I started with this 12x12 collage of various scrapbook paper scraps:
And then I added those adorable flowers with a Stencil and Modeling Paste from DecoArt.
They were still wet here but ended up drying much more clear. 
Then it was on to adding paint {{{*swoon*}}}!! I was lucky enough to try some of the additional colors that are going to be made available in the Media Line Fluid Acrylics by DecoArt

Quinachridone gold, Diarylide Yellow and Blue Bahama (Americana color) are the colors I used mainly. I really like a limited palette. Even though I adore color I find it much more calming to choose 3 -5 colors (usually 3) and use white or cream to brighten a few or darks to tone them down. 
Here's a shot of that flower garland while I was trying to make it stand out more:
That's Dioxazine Purple watered down to watercolor consistency. That color is available in the introductory kit
I added final touches with Prismacolor pencils and WOW I even pulled back out my copics!! I missed them and really need to use them more =0)
Here's one more look at the finished piece, saves having to scroll back up ;)

As always, thanks so much for swinging by and Happy Arting! 


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Another Mixed Media Face

I need to work on my post titles, don't you think?;p  
I'll blame a lack of caffeine intake this morning.
If you follow me on Instagram  then you saw my experiment with creating my own course gel medium. It is a lot courser than my fav DecoArt Fierro Paste (I like the Iron Brown) but it was fun to play around. 
Here's how the page looked when I added my face and the first layers of my underpainting:
The hair was done by drawing with the applicator for Daler Rowney F&W acrylic inks in Pearlescent Waterfall Green. Even in this pic you can see how reflective and awesome they are. They are nice and thin so no extra water was needed to create the drips. 
Then it was on to layers and layers of acrylic paint, which wasn't my original choice. I had originally wanted to keep it more transparent with the background shining through but I went too far at one point and then there was no backing up.
So on wards it was:
I added final details with my Prismacolor Premeire pencils:
You can see some of the textures better there and here's one more textured spot:

I'm thinking I need to do something with a bird soon, it's been a while since I "put a bird on it" =0) 


Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Mixed Media Portrait

If you came by last week sometime you might have seen my most recent background, if not here it is:
You can see the last post for a few more close ups. My substrate is a collaged piece of 12x12 cardstock. 
And here is the completed piece:

What a fun process! Backgrounds are what got me excited about mixed media to begin with and they are still what "floats my boat". 
One final close up so you can see all those scratches in her face:
I used:
DecoArt Blue Bahama, which mine is a really old bottle so it's actually called Bahama Blue) Professional quality Media Fluid Acrylics
And all that yummy texture in the background, can't forget the Texture Fierro paste in Iron Brown. 

Thanks for swinging by and happy arting!! =0)

Hugs ~