Thursday, July 10, 2014

Back to the Drawing Board

My painting yesterday didn't turn out near what I had envisioned so before I have to say goodbye to my supplies for a few weeks (vacay... yay!!) I HAD to give it another go. 
So let me start with the finished piece and then I'll backtrack with a few process shots:
Have you heard me say before how much I LOVE backgrounds?? 
I started with this 12x12 collage of various scrapbook paper scraps:
And then I added those adorable flowers with a Stencil and Modeling Paste from DecoArt.
They were still wet here but ended up drying much more clear. 
Then it was on to adding paint {{{*swoon*}}}!! I was lucky enough to try some of the additional colors that are going to be made available in the Media Line Fluid Acrylics by DecoArt

Quinachridone gold, Diarylide Yellow and Blue Bahama (Americana color) are the colors I used mainly. I really like a limited palette. Even though I adore color I find it much more calming to choose 3 -5 colors (usually 3) and use white or cream to brighten a few or darks to tone them down. 
Here's a shot of that flower garland while I was trying to make it stand out more:
That's Dioxazine Purple watered down to watercolor consistency. That color is available in the introductory kit
I added final touches with Prismacolor pencils and WOW I even pulled back out my copics!! I missed them and really need to use them more =0)
Here's one more look at the finished piece, saves having to scroll back up ;)

As always, thanks so much for swinging by and Happy Arting! 



Bridget said...

i love the colors ,her face is beautiful. your art is amazing .

Harriet H said...

breath taking.... you are awesome

kiwimeskreations said...

Dana I just wish I could hang her on my wall - your art is stunning and this is extra precious.

Becky said...

wow Dana, this is stunning. But I think all of your work is stunning :). Have a great vacation. said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! You certainly have a feel for colour Dana.
Have a great vacation!

Angelique said...

HI Dana, I really loved reading about the process you go through to create this stunning artwork. Hope you are having a nice vacation. You will be all inspired and energized to create when you get back.

Trina said...

Amazing as usual! Have a great vacay!

Unknown said...

So beautiful as usual. I just love your work. said...

Thank you for showing us the process! I love to see 'sketches' that create the final work. But then, nothing is ever really finished, is it?

Hema said...

Thank u so so much for this outcome was stunning��������ur my new inspiration Dana������xoxo