Friday, October 31, 2014

Foam Stamps and Journal Page

Hey guys! I found some foam pop up dots from some former something or other and decided to make some stamps out of them. 
They had adhesive on both sides so I just stuck them down in different patterns (using scraps and all) to pieces of corrugated cardboard. Then I went over them with heavy gel medium.
I decided to try them out in my old text book journal that had some scraped paint on the page already:

Stamped with white paint
 Stamped with Cream paint

 Stamped with black Archival Ink 

 Then the fun began with my watercolors

 I did many, many layers of glazes which is just basically washes of colors. I love seeing how colors look when glazed over each other rather than mixing them on your palette.
 I added the collage circles, some doodling with my dip pen in different colors of acrylic inks
Here's a close up. I love how that one stamp created a journaling spot. Here are the supplies I used:

Be sure to check back in on November 2nd when I will be having a very special giveaway =0)


Sunday, October 12, 2014


I've been working with my watercolors again. I can never seem to stay fixed on one style or medium and I actually love that. I never get bored. 
I've sung the praises many times before about my love for the ning Paint My Photo. It is a place where photographers and artists come together. Photographers post their amazing photo's and artists are free to use them as reference for paintings. Here is my most recent painting from the photo taken by Luciole (I'm not sure if that link will work if you aren't a member).
Sunset on the water is one of my favorite times and places ever. And it's no secret how much I adore intense color, lol! Thanks so much to Luciole for taking such a gorgeous photo!!