Saturday, May 16, 2015

Pansy Girl

I was very inspired by a piece of mail art I received from Sandy Leamon Derryberry that was created on corrugate. Mystele inspired me in this years Soul Food 2015 with cardboard as well. I've always loved working on cardboard and couldn't wait to give it another go!
I started with 2 coats of black DecoArt gesso on a recycled piece of cardboard from a recently purchased coffee pot:

I exposed some of the ribby bits for added texture . I originally sketched my girl in with a white China marker 
Here I had added some Gelli Arts prints. They've been glued down on just the print side leaving the backs raw so after the glue (or gel medium) has dried I'd be able to mist them with water and remove the paper pulp:
(you can see a video of how I do that here)

Pretty cool looking, huh? I love that hit and miss look!

And here's when I start really getting in to the whole process and stop taking pics! It's never intentional, quite the opposite. I just get lost in the process. But I did get a few with the background completed before I jumped off the deep end, lol. 

I end up totally obscurring those orange leaf shapes but it it was fun adding them and I think I will be using them again in future projects. Now we jump to finished (or at least I think finished at this point).

Somewhere along the line her smile changed and no matter how much I tried I couldn't it back without it looking wonky. So,  she remains aloof (or whatever emotion you define).

The products I used were the whole kit and kaboodle of my supplies, including:
DecoArt Americana Paints
DecoArt Media Line Fluid Acrylics
Caran d'Ache Neo II watersoluable crayons
Caran d'Ache Supracolor Aquarelle Pencils
Stabilo .88 Fineliner pens
Sharpie waterbased paint pens (Black. white, flourescent Pink)
Prismacolor Premiere Pencils

Thanks so much for swinging by! As always, happy arting =0)

9 comments: said...

Absolutely amazing!! i love to see your process and watch you art! YOU my friend are a gifted lady!!

APG Jamie said...

she is wonderful & her smile is as it should be, beautiful


Life moments said...

it looks very well to me, with that smile. Can't seem to find something I would change on her look!

mitz said...

...Oh My Gosh..its a wow-ser !! !...truly amazing and beautiful...thanks for showing how it came to be.. !!

zandra said...

So, pretty! Just love how you use color.
Hugz, Z

Vicki said...

Dana that is jaw dropping gorgeous. And it looks fun. And the outcome is well there are no words. Thanks for sharing

kiwimeskreations said...

Dana this is stunning - I love her - you really have created something special here.

sweetpea1030 said...

You never cease to amaze me. said...

So beautiful!